What is a cervical orgasm and how can you achieve one?

Cervical orgasms remain a mystery to many women. Often approached with caution, the cervix evokes thoughts of pain for many.

However, it can be a point of pleasure and even orgasm. The cervix is located at the very top of the vaginal canal and can be stimulated by deep penetration.

Cervical orgasm involves a lot of warm up with the cervix often feeling overly sensitive or painful on first touch. Cervical orgasms feel more powerful and consuming, spreading deeper through the body. 

They are reported as feeling like a vibration or tingle which emanates through the entire body, providing an intense climax which lasts a lot longer than G-spot or clitoral orgasms.

In reflexology, the cervix is the point of the heart and as such, it’s believed that these orgasms encourage feelings of love and deeper connection. Because of this, reflexology practitioners believe that you’re more likely to achieve cervical orgasm with a partner that you feel close and relaxed with or alone in a safe, tranquil environment.

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