WATCH: Seven arrested after vagrants clash with police in Durban

DURBAN – Seven vagrants have been arrested following a clash with police officers on Wednesday. 

It is believed that police had been chasing the group from Glenwood when they turned on police. Officers were able to get the large crowd under control and the group was dispersed. 

The seven were nabbed for drug possession.  The group of men and women have taken refuge alongside the M4 after they were chased from the area under the M4 highway last month. 

52861598NMM4vagrants - WATCH: Seven arrested after vagrants clash with police in Durban
They are believed to have made their way up into the Glenwood and Morningside areas in recent weeks. 

While residents believe the group is simply being displaced to regroup and gather in another area, the municipality has said they have a number of programmes planned to address the issue. 
According to spokesperson, Msawakhe Mayisela, t he municipality is tasked with a responsibility to deliver services to all in a sustainable    manner. 

According to Mayisela, th e municipality recently hosted the stakeholder sessions on homelessness with an aim to  mobilise all stakeholders to work together through an all-of-society approach to address    homelessness in line with the vision of the Municipality of being a caring and liveable city by    2030.


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