LOOK: Women’s winter range inspired by the Kalahari

Ethical Women’s Apparel online store  Sitting Pretty has released a winter range that is inspired by the autumn hues found in African landscapes, particularly the Kalahari. 

It focuses on sophistication and comfort, with warm rich tones of sunset and the autumn colour transformation of the African bush. 

58786826Shot0436 - LOOK: Women's winter range inspired by the Kalahari

This collection focuses on rich tones of sunset. Picture: Supplied. 

To prove that winter vs summer colours are a thing of the past this collection evokes some happiness with yellows, warm rusts and reds, and greens that symbolises the positive changing of the season. 

“We have winter days mid-summer and vice versa. Cape Town, in particular, can have weeks of beautiful sunny skies instead of the grey days from 10 years ago. This is thanks to Climate Change and how it’s affecting our seasons, and ultimately, the face of fashion too,” says Emma Longden of Sitting Pretty. 

58875303Shot3624 - LOOK: Women's winter range inspired by the Kalahari

Sophistication and comfort is essential in the new Sitting Pretty collection. Picture: Supplied. 

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