Facebook reveals most talked about subjects ahead of SA election

DURBAN – Facebook has revealed the most talked about subjects and topics of conversation on its platform with regards to the up-coming South Africa elections as the country prepares to vote on 8 May 2019.

Using aggregated and anonymised data from the period of January 1 2019 – April 22 2019, the findings reveal:

1. Election related topics peaked over various times throughout the four months, with January 26th and February 2nd seeing a peak with ‘Education’ as the most discussed topic of the day, followed by the ‘Economy’ on 7th February, ‘Corruption’ on 20th March and the ‘Economy’ on 11th April.

2. Education is the most talked about topic (in comments and posts) this election cycle – mentioned by 65 percent of people, followed by the economy at 61 percent and security (47 percent) and labour issues (46 percent).

3. That women are more likely to be involved in conversations around the elections – with 52 percent of women compared to 48 percent of men. However, men are more engaged with 57 percent of the interactions (posts and comments) compared to that of women at 43 percent.

4. 25-34 year olds are driving the conversation, with youths in general (18-34-year olds) much more engaged with election related content than those from 35 years above.

5. The distribution of election conversations by provinces, sees people living in Gauteng discussing election related subjects the most on Facebook.

snip 21942415517 - Facebook reveals most talked about subjects ahead of SA election

Facebook measured Facebook conversation including posts, comments, shares, likes and reactions related election, with all data aggregated and de-personalized. 

Conversations were identified based on keywords and combinations of keywords that were associated with discussions around the election.


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