Mauritius adventures and heartbreak on #TheBachelorSA

Belle of "The Bachelor SA" ball, Michelle Reddy, left the man of her dreams and her happily-ever-after fantasy behind on Thursday’s episode of M-Net’s dating show.

The 29-year-old beauty was in tears after Lee Thompson failed to hand her a rose during the most intense rose ceremony of the season, at the romantic Mauritius LUX Grand Gaube

The graceful young lass and recipient of South Africa’s first-impression rose, Michelle.R, was a Bachelor Nation favourite from the beginning of the series, and also a huge threat to the other ladies in the mansion. She attended fewer group dates than anyone else and was the only one to be invited to two one-on-one dates. She was also the first lucky lady to receive a piece of jewellery from Jack Friedman Jewellers and Lee.

Many of the ladies questioned Michelle.R’s connection with Lee, but the couple shared something special. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough in the end. Lee explained to her: "I just don’t feel the same level of comfort as I do with the other remaining ladies. It’s nothing personal."

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Michelle Reddy says goodbye to Lee. Picture: M-Net/Supplied

Lee also said to her that she is a beautiful, driven individual that took his breath away many times, but that it just wasn’t meant to be in this lifetime. Michelle.R took the heartbreak with grace. "I’m so grateful that in this journey I met a guy who showed me the right way; showed me that guys can be kind, caring, adventurous – the full package".

The final two ladies, Gina and Jozaan, are locked in an even battle. "I don’t feel guilty about being here,” Gina said. “I’m here for a reason and I’m really excited." Jozaan still feels quite nervous, after her declaration of love to Lee in tonight’s episode. “Knowing he has feelings for Gina is a bitter pill,” she said.

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The final two, Gina and Jozaan, and Lee. Picture: M-Net/Supplied

Before the rose ceremony, the final three ladies spent time in Mauritius on adventurous dates with Lee. Michelle.R and Lee went sea-carting and spent time at the beach, where she admitted to him that she had been guarded throughout the series. They later shared a special moment at the Wishing Tree. Gina and Lee spent their time quad biking at the Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park, where they also ziplined and later had downtime at a bar called French Kiss, where she called it one of the best days of her life. 

Jozaan and Lee enjoyed some stand-up paddling, followed by some intimate time at Zil beach private island, where she revealed that she loves him. "I think after Zimbabwe and spending the most incredible time with you here, it’s not crazy to say I love you". 

"The Bachelor SA" is screened on M-Net Channel 101 every Thursday evening at 19:00 and is also available on Catch-Up.

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