The Night King was boring AF anyway #GameofThrones

That was it? 

So we spent eight years of our lives thinking that the Night King was an all-conquering master of death. That he would simply be unbeatable. 

That no one would live to tell the tale. Instead we got a damp squib of an icy man whose most interesting facets, were his smirk, his ice crown and that beautiful iced armour of his. 

When it came to actually doing what he has been threatening to do for years, he just didn’t live up to expectations. He is as dull as dishwashing water. So what was the point of it all? Just a little sideshow taking our focus away from the real villain – Queen Cersei? 

What was the whole point of him reanimating everything, only for him to just die an easy death, killed by the bad a** Arya Stark?

Not that we take anything away from Arya (we bow at her throne) especially since she was the most skilled and the one who had trained to defeat death, but it just seemed so – simple? 

Which then makes me think – was this guy ever a threat? I’m still left with questions about what actually was his whole spiel. Was it really to plunge the world into darkness, an eternal winter? My, how boring would that be. 
LSARYASTARKVANQUISHESTHENIGHTKING - The Night King was boring AF anyway #GameofThrones
Arya Stark did us all a favour by killing the Night King- a snore of a character PICTURE: HELEN SLOAN/HBO

It’s definitely not the story I had spent years following, only for it to end the way the Night King would have wanted- a soul less, boring world. 

Watching the episode was tricky at times. I understand why viewers were complaining about the lighting being rather muddy and while it was true to the characters in the midst of battle, I get that as the viewer wanted to see everything. 

Getting some headshots of my faves in battle, with some grainy shots of the dead (OMG did you see Lyanna Mormont become a wight after killing that giant?) just wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. 

So now that the Night King and his miserable wights and White Walkers are dead and gone, the show’s focus can finally return to what I loved about it in the first place- the mudslinging politics and chaos being used as a ladder antics of Westeros. 

I hope the final three episodes give us everything that we want about the Game of Thrones. The politics, the many masterful brains of strategics at work. The time for physical warfare is over. It’s now time for the intellectuals to come to the party. 

Sure, the Golden Company will definitely be fighting for Cersei, but at least that will be an easier, more balanced fight than what the Night King did. 

Oh and I can’t wait for Clegane Bowl! Now that is a battle I would stay up for. 

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