#Elections2019: Jobs and free education top of the list for young voters

Johannesburg – Jobs and free education are just some of the desires of young voters as they wait in line to cast their votes. 

Two young men from Etwatwa, in the east of Gauteng who stood in line on the chilly autumn morning, said they were using their first-time vote to bring change. 

Banele Khumalo, 20, said he has decided to support a party that will bring free education especially because he plans to further his studies in 2020. 

“It’s my first time voting for a party that will bring change since next year we are going to varsity. That party should bring free education and they should think about us and not themselves. I also want that party to have young leaders and not old ones,” Khumalo said. 

His friend Lucky Chisane shared similar sentiments and said he also wants change and free education. Chisane said the ANC had failed to bring change to people’s lives and maybe a new party would be able to succeed. 

Nomthandazo Mnguni, 24, said her vote is her voice and even though she is uncertain of the future she hopes her decision to support the ANC will reap benefits. 

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Nomthandazo Mnguni, 24. Picture: Zintle Mahlati

“The decision was not easy, but at the end, I made a decision. As young people, we do not have jobs and no houses and we live with our parents. With my vote I hope there will be change,” Mnguni said. 

Another hopeful voter was Phumzile Mtshweni, 31, who said for her the decision to vote for the ANC was easy as her family has a long history of supporting the party. 

“When they say the ANC number I am there. In my family, we have always voted for the ANC. I do not expect much because I know they say the government is corrupt. I don’t expect them to build me a house and find me a job. We have to help the government ourselves and then we will see the benefit,” she said.


logowide - #Elections2019: Jobs and free education top of the list for young voters

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