Adorable Baby Archie pics show how Harry plans to be a hands-on dad

Positively beaming, Prince Harry couldn’t contain his excitement as he and the Duchess of Sussex showed off their newest addition to the family. 

Cuddled gently against his dad, there were no qualms as to what Harry thought about being a first-time father to Baby Archie.

It gives some insight into what Harry knows is expected of him. Never before has the unveiling of a royal baby been this momentous, and it shows that Harry is prepared to break royal protocol by personally presenting their baby, instead of letting Meghan hold him in the big reveal to the world.

Like William, Harry has emerged from the wreckage of his parents’ acrimoniously shattered marriage determined that his own children would never suffer similarly.

He sees the bringing up of his and Meghan’s baby, and any that follow, as a modern partnership, probably spending as much time in the nursery as his wife.

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He has already told friends that he intends to do his share of getting up in the night to help.

It must be said that although Charles and Diana were besotted parents, they could scarcely have been called hands-on. Even so, Harry has many wonderful memories of his own childhood.

From the moment of his birth, there was a nursery nurse, nannies and other domestic staff ever ready to take charge.

When they first became parents, Diana had to insist on Charles making time to visit the Kensington Palace nursery, morning and evening. It had to be written into his schedule.

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Picture: AP

"With Harry, the problem will be keeping him out," quips one of their close friends. "He loves kids."

So will fatherhood change Prince Harry? Intriguingly, William has admitted that it certainly changed him.

"I’m a lot more emotional that I used to be, weirdly," he said when his second child, Charlotte, was born in 2015.

"Now the smallest little things, you well up a little more, you get affected by the sort of things that happen around the world or whatever, a lot more, I think, as a  father."

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