3 vodkas to try in 2019

As much as gin recently took over in the past few years becoming one of the best loved alcoholic spirits, there are still people who prefer vodka over anything.

It might not be everyone’s first choice of spirit for sipping straight, but it makes for a good cocktail and there are many different types and flavours to choose from.

We have brought together our top four picks of new vodkas in South Africa you should be trying.

GreyGoose - 3 vodkas to try in 2019
Grey Goose vodka.

Grey Goose 

Grey Goose vodka is made from the best ingredients from France, soft winter wheat and Gensac spring water.

Grey Goose comes in many flavours including La Poire, L’ Orange, Le Citron, La Vanille, Le Melon and Cherry Noir.

Distinkt.PicturefromDistinktVodkaSA - 3 vodkas to try in 2019
Distinkt vodak. Picture by Distinkt Vodka SA (Facebook)


Distinkt is a hundred percent black owned vodka that is made from raw materials like potatoes, fruits, wheat and grain which are sourced in South African farms.

Pravda - 3 vodkas to try in 2019
Pravda vodka.


Pravda vodka is handmade from southern Poland, where it is distilled using late harvest ‘sweet’ rye and very pure spring-water from the nearby Carpathian mountains. It comes in many different flavours like cherry, citron, raspberry, peach, caramel, orange, coconut and espresso. 

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