D’Aria Winery granted interdict after BLF land threat sparks fear

Cape Town – A document purportedly distributed by the Black First Land First (BLF) movement, warning of their intention to invade wine farms in the Western Cape, has spread fear among farmers – so much so that D’Aria Winery has sought an urgent interdict against the organisation.

However, BLF president Andile Mngxitama said not even a court interdict would deter them from taking farms and warned they were planning massive land invasions, including the farms in the Winelands.

Judge Patric Gamble, granted the order on Thursday after BLF failed to contest it.

In terms of the order members of the BLF are prohibited and restricted from entering the property, and restrained from erecting or attempting to erect any form of structure, be it of a temporary, permanent or semi-permanent nature.

The matter emanates from documents distributed indicating that occupations of farms in this area would take place last month.

According to the founding affidavit from Johan von Waltsleben, director and manager at the farm, the property would have been allocated to BLF supporters and divided up into 400 units.

In papers, Von Waltsleben said: “A large-scale invasion would be utterly destructive of the business of the farm.

“In the event that an informal settlement is established on the property, its farming operations are likely to be brought to a standstill, causing incalculable financial and reputational damage to the farm.

“The consequences of the property will not only affect the farm, however, but specifically the employees on the farm.

“In the event that the property is occupied then not only will these employees and ex-employees lose the benefits that they have accrued over the years, they will also lose their homes.”

Von Waltsleben explained that the final straw was when he became aware on March 31 that several farm owners in this area had received similar notices and sought and obtained interdicts against BLF.

Reacting to the order granted in the Western Cape High Court, Mngxitama said: “This is really silly seeing white farmers go to courts to protect their farms.

“When these white thieves took our land they didn’t go the court or approach Parliament.

“They only get nightmares when they hear about the BLF land grabbing. Not even a court interdict is going to stop us. We are planning mass land invasions and we are coming for the farms in the Winelands. The Western Cape is our main target.”

110379819 - D’Aria Winery granted interdict after BLF land threat sparks fear
Andile Mngxitama. Picture: Supplied



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