Sad tributes for ‘happy Durban street child surfer’ killed over R3 cup of tea

Durban – Staff of the Surfers Not Street Children organisation in Durban are devastated after a protégé was murdered in Durban’s Point area. 

It is uncertain as yet when the incident occurred because the organisation was still gathering details from police. The organisation identified the body of Mxolisi aka ‘Wrong Turn’ on Tuesday.

According to the organisation, Mxolisi absolutely loved surfing and was a good surfer. 

On the organisations Facebook page they posted that it was devastating news. 

"So sad to report that Mxolisi (left) and known as ‘Wrong Turn’, one of the older kids in our program was brutally stabbed to death today in the streets of Point, Durban. Both kids and staff are devastated as he was always at our beach base and very much one of the crew. Our staff identified his body today which was had stab wounds all over his neck and body. Details are still emerging as to what happened. Street life really sucks. . He will be missed by all of us and in the New Pier line-up by his friends. Hamba Kahle Mxolisi. #surfer"

Riyaadh Adam alleged that Mxolisi got in a fight over a R3 cup of tea and got stabbed in the fight. Adam said the boys around him tried to carry him to hospital but he passed away on the way.

Surfers Not Street Children was founded by street children’s activist and surfer, Tom Hewitt MBE.  He started working with children on the street in 1992. Tom founded Durban Street Team in 1998 and this became Surfers Not Street Children in 2012.

Surfing South Africa board member Anne Wright described Mxolisi as a nice young man always ready to help and always smiling.

The impact of Mxolisi’s death drew warm messages of condolences on Facebook. 

Jackie Smit  said, "This is devastating news. Your programme is such an inspiration for us. I always look forward to the positive feedback and beautiful photos. I am so sorry that someone who was trying to turn his life around, came to such an early and unnecessary end. I hope that you and the staff and everyone else that ever touched this young man’s life know that you made a difference and you showed him that there was more to life than the cards he was dealt with. Let him be an inspiration to all of us."

Leisa Jones said, "If only our beautiful country could find peace and respect for human life. God bless his soul."

Karine Osborne Seban said, "I am glad that boy met all of you in his life … all my love to him and his friends and your staff."

Jean-Marc Tostee said, "I had a few of those very same hose pipe showers after a surf courtesy from a smiley happy Mxolisi outside the kids board store room at North Beach. This makes us even more determined to help get more good kids like Mxolisi off these radical streets where taking a life is done for the sake of a few rands. He will be missed,"

NDSurfernotstreetchildren 1 - Sad tributes for 'happy Durban street child surfer' killed over R3 cup of tea
Mxolisi doing what he loved best by assisting at the Surfers Not Street Children organisation in Durban. Picture: Facebook

Sandile MaSandy Gumede said, "Our streets are not safe anymore. May his soul rest in peace!"

Lauren Clelland said, "Oh no!!! That is horrendous! What a tragedy!!! He is in my prayers, such a devastating waste of a young life. A young man who has been shown his potential. What can we do, as a community, to try make our Durban a safer place for our people. For our children."

Michael Moss said he surfed with Mxolisi a few times. 

Shelley Halgreen said, "A young man taken in his prime and trying to better his life."

Samuel Tochukwu said to minimize these rampant stabbing government need to licence knives dealership. 

"A high percentage of deaths reported in SA is by stabbing. Put checks to shops and importations. Designate a monopolous market where knives can be bought. Everyday we hear news of people murdered by stabbing but almost every corners of streets and shops pen-knives are being sold,"Tochukwu said.

Willem Van Deventer said they have been knocking on the Mayor’s door for years now to identify a safe place to stay and a school for special needs children thats way behind in education but all they got was empty promises. 

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