Alleged child killer goes berserk in court, attacks photographer

There was drama in the Cape High Court on Thursday when a media photographer told a child murder accused: “Ek issie Jeremiah nie, ek baklei terug.” ("I am not Jeremiah, I fight back.")

The accused, Ameerudien Peters, wanted to assault news photographer Peter Abrahams for taking pictures of him in court.

Peters, 26, is on trial for the rape and murder of one-year-old Jeremiah Ruiters, who was the son of his girlfriend, Abigail Ruiters, 30.


It is alleged Peters raped, beat and then stabbed the tot at their Kensington home in June 2017.

Ruiters is charged with murder and child neglect.

The couple was also charged with child abuse with regards to Ruiters’ two minor children.

110394666 - Alleged child killer goes berserk in court, attacks photographer
Ameerudien Peters, 26, restrained in court after punching a photographer.

The court adjourned for a few minutes and the photographer got up and started taking pictures of Peters, who went berserk shouting: “Moetie vi’ my vi’ ’* * *** vat nie. Moetie vi’ my vi’ ’* * *** vat nie.” ("Don’t take me for a ****. Don’t take me for a ****.)

The court stenographer shouted at Peters: “Hello, gedra vir jou. Dis ’* hof die.” ("Hello, behave yourself. This is a ******* court.")

Ignoring her, Peters shouted at the photographer: “Was ek buite was djy lankal vrek, djy!” ("If I was not behind bars you would have been dead long ago.")

The photographer proceeded to walk behind the dock where Peters and Ruiters sat and that’s when Peters lunged at him and hit him with his fist.

Jumping to stop Peters, the court orderly instructs him to stop, but he charges at the photographer again, trying to push the cop aside.

That is when Abrahams tells Peters: “Ek issie Jeremiah nie. Ek baklei terug. Kom djy!” ("I am not Jeremiah, I fight back. Come on, you!")

110394675 - Alleged child killer goes berserk in court, attacks photographer
Jeremiah Ruiters, 1, was raped and killed

As a police officer grabs hold of Peters, the court orderly instructs Abrahams to leave the court.

A clearly enraged Peters leaps out of the dock, but is roughly jerked back by a police officer, who is assisted by another cop.

A clearly shaken Ruiters cowers in the corner of the dock, crying into her hands as they lead Peters away.

Judge Monde Samela was shown video footage to view the incident in chambers.

When court resumed, State prosecutor Maria Marshall asked for a postponement. “We have informed your lordship of the earlier incident. Accused one is still not calm and the decision is for the matter to be postponed.”

The matter has been postponed to Tuesday.

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