SABC building: Fire Chief to conduct one final inspection

SABC News Spill - SABC building: Fire Chief to conduct one final inspection

The Johannesburg Fire Chief will conduct a final health and safety inspection at the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) Radio Park headquarters in Johannesburg on Sunday, before it is handed back to the public broadcaster.

The SABC announced on Saturday that mop-up operations following a diesel leak earlier this week, have been completed.

The SABC says specialised service providers have been working since Wednesday to clean up the diesel spillage, which even affected the lift shafts.

On Wednesday, staff were evacuated after someone detected a diesel leak on one of the back-up generators on the fifteenth floor.

Our colleague Candice Nolan reports that diesel seeped into the lift shaft, and started pooling at the bottom. A heavy diesel smell could be detected even up to the sixth floor of the multi storey building.

“To prevent a recurrence the generators on the 15th floor will no longer be operational and the diesel which supplied these generators will no longer be stored on the 16th floor,” explains Nolan.

An internal cleaning company will now take over additional cleaning, which will be completed by the end of Sunday.

Following concerns, the oxygen levels at the TV building were tested using hydrocarbon measuring equipment and have been declared non-hazardous.

Tests are being conducted on the water supply as an additional precaution.

SABC Management is adamant that the diesel spillage is under control, and that employees stationed at the Radio Park building will be able to resume duties on Monday.

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