A clean diet can improve women’s vaginal health

A healthy diet affects every part of your body – and your vagina is no exception, ladies.

Women might struggle with vaginal health at some point – statistics show at least 75% of women get at least one yeast infection in a lifetime.

Health experts say it is important to note that what we eat affects vaginal health, and so the key to improving your intimate well-being lies in what you put on your plate.

Australian-based dietitian and nutritionist Lyndi Cohen says certain types of food and drink are beneficial to vaginas.

She says Greek yoghurt, salmon, green tea and garlic are among nutritional foods we should add to our diet.

“It’s all about our organs,” she says.

“The nutrients we eat have an impact on our health and how the vagina functions. Maintaining pH level is important.

“Eating the right food will keep the vagina lubricated, boost your libido and lift your mood.”

Dr Angela Jones, a certified obstetrician-gynaecologist, says “your diet affects everything, and the vagina follows the same rules of thumb as the rest of your body. Too much sugar is not a good thing. Too much alcohol is not a good thing.”

Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng, who is popularly known as Dr T, a consultant at Nalane Associates for Reproductive Justice, says it’s important to note that some vaginal smells don’t mean danger.

“Also, women should understand that the vagina has a natural odour. Just like our sweat smells differently, from person to person, it’s the same with the vagina.

“Vaginas smell differently, and a different smell might not mean a bad smell or a problem.”

However, Mofokeng says that when there is a smell that is out of the ordinary, it’s important to consult a medical professional to find out what is happening.

With May World Menstrual Hygiene Month, women’s health awareness is receiving attention. Here are three things to avoid to achieve a good vaginal ph balance:


Excessive amounts of alcohol could produce a change in vaginal odour. You may have noticed a correlation between a not-so-pleasant odour floating up from your nether region and your frequent happy hour appearances.

110393916 - A clean diet can improve women’s vaginal health

Too much sugar

A spike in blood sugar can cause yeast infections and build-up, which will cause a bad odour. Yeast will feed off the sugar, and that’s how infections grow. This includes bread, pies and other products filled with yeast.

110393914 - A clean diet can improve women’s vaginal health

Red meat

The smell and taste of food molecules we ingest can be released through secretions produced by glands and tissue, resulting in a noticeable difference in body fragrance and flavour. Eating red meat can throw out vagina pH levels.

110393915 - A clean diet can improve women’s vaginal health

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