President Ramaphosa’s Chiawelo neighbours wish him well

SABC News Mavis Mukwevho Chiawelo - President Ramaphosa’s Chiawelo neighbours wish him well

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s neighbours in Chiawelo have wished him well. They were among millions who watched his inauguration on Saturday.

Millions witnessed the President take his oath.

For his neighbours in Chiawelo, it was a proud moment as one of their own has ascended to the highest office in the land.

Seventy five-year-old Jane Mangwiri lives two houses from the President’s old home. She too was glued to her screen; memories of Ramaphosa growing up in the township flashing through her mind.

“I am very happy; I wish his parents were alive to see their son become the President. He has elevated us; people used to look down at Chiawelo and say it’s a place of Shangaans and Vendas. He has really put us on the map.”

Like many of her neighbours, Mangwiri has high expectations of Number 1.

“There are many things he needs to fix; he has a tough job because many things are not right. If we can see our children get jobs.”

Across the road, Mavis Mukwevho watched the inauguration. Mukwevho says that she is very happy.

“We are very happy, even my grandchildren are happy. We wish God can give him strength so that he can be an honest leader who keeps all his promises that he made to people.”

Mukwevho says addressing youth unemployment should be at the top of the President’s list.

As the 5th democratic president takes office, his neighbours will be hoping that he’s heard their pleas.


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