LOOK: Twitter users want ‘Men’s Conference’ to get rid of #Uyajola99

Pretoria – An urgent "Men’s Conference” has been planned to discuss ways to get Uyajola 9/9 off our small screens. 

The reality show hosted by rapper Molemo Maarohanye, known as Jub Jub, finally premiered on a dramatic note on Sunday unearthing dark secrets, much to the amazement and horror of viewers.

It had chaotic scenes, fist fights and resentment, thus living up to the expectations. It airs every Sunday at 9pm on DStv’s Moja Love.

But ever since the debut episode, social media has been in a shambles trying to figure out ways to eradicate the show and the imaginary conference happened to be the only solution.  

According to a “press statement” making rounds on social media, men are expected to converge at Capital Inn, Pretoria between on June 1 and 2. Weapons are also allowed at the conference. According to the statement, Jub Jub is the agenda.

MensCoference - LOOK: Twitter users want 'Men's Conference' to get rid of #Uyajola99
Details of the "Men’s Conference" taken from twitter.

The hour-long show took the viewers through two dramatic episodes, making it top the trend list on Twitter within minutes of airing.

Breaking the ice was an episode of a young pregnant woman who suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her. Her instincts were right, and what was worse was the boyfriend was having an affair with her younger sister. 

The crew confronted the cheating duo at a restaurant. A fight ensued and the girlfriend decided she did not want the child she was carrying.

In the second segment, a man suspected his street vendor wife of cheating.

While the wife travelled a lot selling atchar, the husband raised concerns that she had been spending a lot of time in the evening away from home, returning late. 

He hit the ceiling when he found his wife in another house in his own street, and the wife revealed that their first-born child was not the husband’s, but had been fathered by the man with whom she was found.

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