Today’s people of influence

Influencers, people with a large number of followers on social media, are the new billboards consumers turn to for fashion, travel and everything lifestyle.

As the dictators of what’s cool, most influencers stand to make a lot of money from collaborating with brands, with some making a good living from posting on their various social media platforms.

It sounds like a walk in the park but, in fact, it’s a lot of work creating relevant content that will set you apart from the others in this competitive industry.

We rounded up some of our favourite influencers from Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and Joburg and asked them to tell us their favourite places to eat and drink, as well as their weekend hangout spots.

Cape Town

Lee Fraser: Travel and Lifestyle Influencer 

What’s your favourite restaurant to eat in the city?

I am absolutely obsessed with BALDUCCI. They have an entirely vegan menu. This is in addition to the other food they offer. It’s not common to find such a big vegan selection at a restaurant. Plus, the dishes are always so good, and there is always something new to try out.

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Lee Fraser. @mr_lee_fraser. 


Louwrens Lemmer: Content Creator

How do you spend your weekends? 
I enjoy doing various activities 
over the weekend, which include 
playing beach tennis every Saturday 
Spending time with my family, 
bonding over a braai or making pizza 
in our pizza oven. 
I also enjoy going to 
music festivals and rugby 

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Louwrens Lemmer. @louwrens_lemmer. 

Tuelo Nguyuza: Founder of Fashion Label TN Collectiv 

What’s your favourite restaurant 
to eat at and why?

My favourite restaurant to eat at is 
I really enjoy a restaurant that’s 
flexible with changing up their menu as 
per request and appetite.
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Tuelo Nguyuza. @tuelo_nguyuza. 


Pamela Mbhele: Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle Influencer

Your favourite place for sundowners 
and a drink of choice?

I have dined at Café La Plage  many times and their food is  excellent. They also have a nice  cocktail bar which serves all kinds of
drinks. This can be your one-stopservice  for dining and drinking until  late at night because the design and  atmosphere are brilliant with the  outdoor space.
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Pamela Mbhele. @pamzokuhle. 

Brett Robson: Fashion Blogger and founder of online store Shop Brett Robson
Where do you shop?

When it comes to fashion, I am very guilty of mostly wearing merchandise from my Brett Robson brand. But I do mix and match other fashion items I find from online platforms like Zando and Superbalist. I love shopping for accessories via local brands like Cara and iAMTrend. I love online shopping because of convenience. I shop at all hours of the day and night; and often from the bed. 

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Brett Robson. @brettrobson. 


Tshepi Vundla: Stylish and Social Media Influencer 

Your favourite place for sundowners? 

The Sandton “San” Deck or Hyde Park sundeck. I love sipping on champagne but yummy cocktails hit the spot too. 

What do you enjoy doing over the weekend?Saturdays 

I’m in school from 9am until 3pm so I usually get home and rest. And Sundays is my family fun day with my son and partner, we try to do something different every Sunday.

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Tshepi Vundla. @tshepivundla. 

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