Concern over misuse of child grants in Eastern Cape

SABC News child grants EC - Concern over misuse of child grants in Eastern Cape

There is a growing concern over the misuse of child grants by young mothers in the Eastern Cape.

Research by the Department of Social Development has found that child grants are not used for the benefit of the beneficiaries and the trend is escalating.

This was one of the issues raised during the launch of Child Protection Week in East London. There are more than one point eight million people that benefit from child support grants in the Eastern Cape.

The R400 stipend is meant to alleviate the most pressing needs of children from poor families.

But the children do not see the money as it is increasingly being used to finance the lifestyle of young women.

“Research has found that especially young mothers, they do get pregnant because they want this money but many of them often use it for other things outside of what it is meant for,” says Sassa Spokesperson, Luzuko Qhina.

The department is now working closely with law enforcement agencies to criminally charge those who misuse the child support grant.

The department is also investigating cases where mothers leave their children with another caregivers, but take the child grant cards with them.

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