Check out June’s exciting new series for TV buffs

I think Liverpool fans are still on a serious high after they beat Tottenham Hotspur to win the 2019 UEFA Champions League in Madrid this weekend. 

While soccer pundits questioned that early penalty in Liverpool’s favour – they played a great season and deserved the trophy.

Still, on sport, cricket fans are glued to the World Cup matches in England and Wales. Today, Australia and West Indies battle it out. 

Meanwhile, June holds a lot of exciting new series for TV buffs: The Handmaid’s Tale 3, The Good Doctor 2, Chicago Fire 7, Chicago PD 6, Chicago Med 4 and Big Little Lies 2, return to the small screen.

Of course, I’m super excited for Big Little Lies as it has the inimitable Meryl Streep joining the cast as Mary Louise Wright (Celeste’s mother-in-law). Crystal Fox (playing Bonnie’s mother) and Mo McRae (as Michael Perkins, a Grade 2 teacher) are the new faces on the show. 

And we have the medical crime drama, Coroner, based on M.R. Hall’s best-selling series of books, debuting on Universal TV (DStv channel 117). The series is helmed by Serinda Swan (Breakout Kings, Inhumans and Ballers fame) as Jenny Cooper. 

A newly appointed coroner, Cooper is a single mother grappling with the untimely passing of her husband. Rather than allow the emotions to impede her work, she uses it as a motivating force to get justice for the dead. 

The storylines in the series are based on real-life cases and will appease fans of the whodunit genre.

Other new arrivals include M-Net’s (DStv channel 103) The Conners and Little Women. The former show is a family comedy centred on one of TV’s most iconic families. 

Dysfunction is the order of every day for them. Hopefully, it translates to ample entertainment value for viewers. The latter is a period offering, based on the classic novel around three sisters and their mother facing a bleak Christmas. Keep the tissues close by. 

Although there is much to look forward to, there is one show that left me speechless – Fam on 1Magic (DStv channel 103). 

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Nina Dobrev, Odessa Adlon and Tone Bell co-star in the comedy, Fam. Picture: Supplied


Aside from it being one of the most humourless sitcoms I’ve watched in a while…it is, surprisingly enough, backed by a well-known cast: Gary Cole, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Sheryl Lee Ralph and comedian Tone Bell. 

But what really blew me away was Nina Dobrev (she of the Vampire Diaries legacy) being a lead in it. 

Have the offers dwindled for the actress? It’s the only plausible explanation for her agreeing to such a low-grade show.

There is nothing wrong with exploring different characters and genres but it should never be below par with anything you’ve done. And I think Dobrev fell short here in that she overestimated her clout, perhaps.

Fam is an unredeemable comedy with pedestrian jokes and yawnsome scenarios. I couldn’t make it past episode one. 

Black-ish remains my go-to fix for laughs. Perhaps, the creators of Fam should watch a few episodes and take some key pointers on how to create a successful sitcom. 

That said, happy viewing this month. There’s plenty of entertainment to keep you indoors.



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