How to introduce Tantric sex to the bedroom

Tantric sex is a great way to hot up your sex life whilst slowing things down. Dating back thousands of years, this sex practice is a fantastic way to help you connect with your partner and try out something new.

Add a new depth to your sex life with Tantra. 

What Is Tantric sex?

Tantric sex or "tanta" is a Hindu practice which dates back more than 5 000 years. Made popular by celebrities such as Sting and Gwyneth Paltrow, tantric sex involves a slow build for a more intense orgasm.

Focusing on connection and breathing, tantric sex can go on for many hours, bringing you both closer together rather than making orgasm a goal.

Why would you want to do it?

The release of energy during tantric sex is understood to help couples feel more in tune with each other. This closeness is fantastic at re-igniting a spark and helping you have a deeper sexual connection.

Building slowly to orgasm will also make them more intense. When you do reach orgasm, practicing the slow breathing associated with tantric sex helps you to prolong orgasm.

How to introduce it into the bedroom

To introduce it to your bedroom first discuss it with your partner. If they’re interested, follow these simple steps.

  • Rather than heading to the bed, change your scenery and take to the floor. Tantric sex teachers believe that the bedroom evokes past sexual memories and that this new experience should happen in a new environment. Lay blankets and cushions on the floor – remember, you may be in this position for a while.
  • Turn down the lights, shut the curtains and set the mood. Light candles which are subtle yet erotic scents.
  • Limber up, loosen your body and if you’re comfortable, use sound to relax. Humming and making ocean sounds are both great ways to open your throat chakra.
  • Begin foreplay with sensual massages, stroking and kissing. Heighten all of your senses and don’t rush.
  • A great position for tantric sex is sitting cross legged on top of one another – being face to face means that you are able to focus on each other’s breathing and the deep exchange of energy. Breathe in whilst your partner breathes out and vice versa.
  • Be present in the moment. If your mind wanders, take a minute and bring yourself back to the scenario.
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