#YouthDay – Meet the young women who are making wigs more accessible

In 2018 two young ladies, Delicia Kasenge and Zandile Baloy cleverly devised a plan to offer women the opportunity to wear any fashionable and quality wigs without the financial commitment.

Trendy wigs can be costly and as trends go, it will be out of style before you’ve even worn it enough times to make up for the cost of it.

WIGS - #YouthDay - Meet the young women who are making wigs more accessible
Many trendy wigs. (Picture: Instagram/Hairmeout_za)

Delicia and Zandile started up a business called Hair Me Out. Where they hire out fashionable, good quality wigs. Whether you need one for just a few hours for a special occasion (or photoshoot) or for a few days even weeks, there’s a plan for whatever your needs might be.

So how does Hair Me Out work?

There are two parts to the business. There are the rentals and there are sales. Sales work like most online hair piece businesses.
1. You place an order.
2. You’ll receive a quote.
3. You accept and pay a deposit or make full payment.
4. Your wig is delivered within 3 – 5 working days.

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