How much money South Africans spend on their holidays

The team at wanted to find out how much South Africans (and other travellers) are spending when they go on vacation.

Travellers from 39 countries were asked how much money they spend on average per holiday. 

Based on the answers a ranking which indicates the biggest spenders and the stats are quite revealing.

An average South African spends R 7 181 per person on a holiday, which converted into US Dollars amounts to $505. This places South Africa in the middle of the ranking.

PH 5 HOW MUCH MONEY PEOPLE SPEND ON HOLIDAYS IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES - How much money South Africans spend on their holidays
How much money travellers spend while on holiday. Graphic supplied

Australians spend the most money on holidays — $1,505 (R 21 865) per holiday. 

They are followed by Hongkongers and Finns. The most frugal travellers come from Indonesia and Pakistan — they spend $207 (R 3 007) and $191 (R 2 775) respectively.

The research is based on the survey conducted in April and May 2019 among over 20 000 respondents from 39 countries. 

In the same survey, there was data gathered to look at where and how South Africans spend their holidays as well as how SA travellers organise their getaways.

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