We tried out Krispy Kreme’s Cereal Range

Iced to Instagram-worthy perfection, Krispy Kreme has released a range of ‘cereal-sly delicious’ doughnuts inspired by three different kinds of cereal. The only question is: Do they live up to the hype? 

Whether you prefer crackling puffed rice drenched in a stream of milk or fruity flavoured hoops with a crunch, there’s something nostalgic about eating cereal, perhaps it’s the reason why it’s suddenly very popular? 

Recently, the breakfast staple been cropping up in places other than cereal bowls – from tart crusts to being infused into ice cream and baked into cookies for added texture, it seems cereal is having a moment in the sun. No one to miss a trend, Krispy Kreme has hopped on the bandwagon, with their latest range of doughnuts.

To find out if the new treats are the ultimate fusion of crunchy cereal meets melt-in-your-mouth-glaze and airy dough, I decided to do some investigative journalism in the form of a taste test.
Before partaking, I steered clear of reading product descriptions to ensure I wasn’t swayed by expectations that might have tricked me into looking for flavours that weren’t there.

The main focus was placed on my own first impressions of taste and appearance alone.

Yoghurt and Red Berry Oat Krumble

IMG 21968 22353 657 - We tried out Krispy Kreme's Cereal Range
Yoghurt and Red Berry Oat Krumble
Described as an Original Glazed Ring Doughnut, dipped in a silky white yoghurt icing, topped with Special K Red Berries cereal bar and drizzled with a strawberry puree, my first impression was that it looked almost exactly as advertised – just with slightly less Krumble on top.

Biting in, it was as fluffy as a cloud, but that part was short-lived as a barrage of icing followed suit. I searched for more complex flavours, the sourness of yoghurt to cut the sweetness, perhaps? But all that came through was the flatness of sugar combined with not much else.

The drizzle of tangy strawberry puree with the satisfying crunch of muesli pieces helped lift the overall taste but ultimately, it was confusing. The combination didn’t make sense to me, why would you combine healthy cereal bars with sugar-loaded doughnuts? They don’t mix well.

Strawberry Unicorn Swirl

IMG 21968 223328 349 - We tried out Krispy Kreme's Cereal Range
Strawberry Unicorn Swirl
Next was the Strawberry Unicorn Swirl. Krispy Kreme describes it as the Original Glazed Ring Doughnut, dipped in a “magical” strawberry swirl icing, topped with Froot Loops, rainbow Kreme and a sparkling golden unicorn horn.

My first impression was ‘WOW, this is adorable’ and it looked just like the promotional pictures online, impressive considering all the finer details. But, from the amount of magic swirl on top, I knew it would be way too sweet and I was right. I couldn’t taste any strawberry flavouring at all. 

The worst part was the Froot Loops. They were stale, hard to chew and much too stiff to be paired with the fluffiness of a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Looks did not make up for taste in this instant, the treat was more of a novelty – It would certainly make for a cute post on Instagram – but it’s not something to indulge in. 

Milky Chocolate Krunch
IMG 219617 13114 - We tried out Krispy Kreme's Cereal Range
Milky Chocolate Krunch

Milky Chocolate Krunch is an Unglazed Shell Doughnut, filled with ‘milky Kreme’, topped with Kellogg’s Coco Pops and double dipped in both white and milk chocolate. The choc-cereal dip that covered the doughnut was thick and a melted layer of white chocolate was beneath it. 

This was the most conventional of the doughnuts and my favourite by far and the only one actually I finished. It was sweet, yes, but it had a chocolatey-richness that was moreish and had me going for bite after bite. 

The familiar cereal flavour combined with the milky Kreme filling and white chocolate was reminiscent of a bowl of cereal and milk so the flavour pairing worked well and made sense. If you’re looking for a treat, this is it!

The OG
IMG 21968 22535 - We tried out Krispy Kreme's Cereal Range
Original Glazed Ring Doughnut
What’s a trip to Krispy Kreme without indulging in an original-glazed doughnut?

By far, this is still the best option at KK, it’s light and airy and the delicate coating of glaze melts as it touches your lips. With this order, you can’t go wrong. 

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