How local celebs keep their glow through winter

Winter has never stopped anyone from being radiant, you just have to tweak your skin routine a little. Local celebs, experts and beauty influencers share their secrets to keeping the glow all the way through the chilly months-. The most important thing is to keep hydrated. 

Nutrition expert Andrea du Plessis emphasizes on increasing your water intake, as your body’s thirst response won’t be as apparent when it’s cold.  “The moment you become dehydrated your skin can become dry, chapped and dull-looking,” says du Plessis. 

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Andrea du Plessis. Picture: Instagram. 

South African beauty blogger and influencer Suzan Ledwaba aka Sue Led knows that winter can wreak havoc on the skin, so in addition to keeping well hydrated, she makes sure to always start her day with a fresh green juice packed with kale. 

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Suzan Ledwaba. Picture: Instagram. 

“Kale is crammed with vitamin A, which helps promote cell regrowth and healthy cell turnover,” she explains.

Another significant winter issue is the forever fluctuating temperatures to which the skin is exposed to. Try to not use too much artificial heating in your home or workplace, as this dries the skin easily.

 “And stick to a beauty routine both in the morning and at night,” advises beauty blogger Siobhan Yeatman of sugarspiceblog2.
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 Siobhan Yeatman of sugarspiceblog2. Picture: Instagram. 

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