WATCH: Col’Cacchio launches the first ever Cannabis pizza in SA

Popular Italian-inspired restaurant, Col’Cacchio, together with africanpure, one of Africa’s leading CBD brands, has launched the first ever Cannabis pizza range in SA.

Used to treat many common ailments, Cannabidiol (better known as CBD) is growing in popularity in South Africa.

The CBD oil, used on the pizza, contains no THC synthetic chemicals, making it absolutely safe to enjoy, Col’Cacchio says.

Video: Kim Kay/Daily Voice

So no, you won’t get high no matter how much pizza you munch, but it could cure that nagging head or backache that’s been bothering you.

Another “benefit”, depending on your preference of course, is that you can’t taste any dagga.

111287608 - WATCH: Col’Cacchio launches the first ever Cannabis pizza in SA
Col’Cacchio’s dagga pizza. Photo: Armand Hough/African News Agency(ANA)

Col’Chacchio co-founder, Kinga Baranowsk explains the thought process behind the dagga collaboration: “Well, I’ve always pushed the boundaries and followed different trends, and as a brand we have to have a bit of fun and africanpure goes with our values of delivering a great product and africanpure which we can trace back, so why not collaborate with them and offer the CBD oil on our pizza.”

A host of media personalities packed the pizzeria on the Foreshore to get their first taste of the dagga pizza.

Video: Kim Kay/Daily Voice

The two gourmet dagga-inspired pizzas are called the Green Goddess and the Not-So-Plain MaryJane, which will cost you R125 and R140.

Customers will also be able to add CBD oil to any other dish on the Col’Cacchio menu at an additional cost of R25.

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