Khanyi Mbau’s pale skin causes a stir on social media

Khanyi Mbau has social media buzzing after posting her outfit of the day.  

The South African actress posted a "look of the day" post in which she’s wearing an "urban safari" outfit. Wearing a faux fur coat, camo pants, a knit top and stilettos, the actress looked chic as she’s snapped posing against a canary yellow Porsche. 

However, the outfit wasn’t what got people talking but her visibly, very light skin tone that has tongues wagging. 

Over the past few years there’s been a noticeable change in the colour of Mbau’s skin tone with speculation that she is lightening her skin. 

She’s been wearing her hair blonde lately and this has made her skin appear even more lighter. 

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Khanyi Mbau shows off her pale skin in her latest Instagram post. (Picture: Instagram)

Mbau hardly posts pictures showing her feet but in these pictures you can clearly see her feet and parts of her lower legs. 

Her legs are so pale that they are actually lighter than the light beige camo pants she’s wearing. She even uses hashtag #pinkfeet  in the caption. 

Her Twitter followers had this to say; 

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