Men’s lingerie? You bet, and they come in all shapes and sizes

** This blog was written by guest author Melissa Luies**

Men’s lingerie, is actually, a thing even if it’s not quite status quo yet.

While men now have the opportunity to wear a sexy lil thang like the rest of us, there are still polarizing opinions on whether or not men’s lingerie is actually an attractive look in the bedroom.

Women’s Thoughts On Men’s Lingerie 

Reddit user WildWolfOfMibu asked women what they thought of men’s lingerie and not everyone was one the same page. Some women loved the look, while other’s absolutely hated it. Here’s just a sample of what they had to say:

I haven’t really seen anything I’ve found attractive. The sexiest underwear on a man to me is nicely fitted boxer briefs.
– jewelrider

I don’t like lingerie for women, I don’t like it for men.
– Snowdrift430

Going by what I found on Google when I searched for men’s lingerie, I think it’s way over the top. I’d probably laugh.
– worried19

I would love to see my boyfriend (if I had one) wear it
– salazarians

Even guys have wildly different opinions about whether or not they think men’s lingerie is something worth trying. It’s definitely something we’re not used to seeing in mainstream media – and perhaps not an element often seen in the idea of traditional masculinity — but times are changing, and it’s very possible that male lingerie will rise in popularity soon enough.


Blue Line for Men

Blue Line is now considered one of the leading brands creating sexy, stylish, racy and unconventional men’s underwear and other men’s outfits today. This brand is based in Los Angeles and named after the popular Blue store chain located in Chelsea. Although Chelsea is known as New York’s popular gay neighbourhood, 

Blue Line does not believe in any sort of discrimination and demarcation. In fact, their underwear and outfits are designed for individuals of any sexual orientation. This line of menswear has been praised by celebrities like Sarge Logan, an adult performer for Hollywood Men, for designing comfortable and trendy underwear.

Passion Lingerie for Men

Passion Lingerie is a lingerie company located in Poland and they are focused on providing high-quality sexy lingerie. It doesn’t matter if you have a different size, shape or age, the Passion Lingerie products are diverse and you are bound to find something to suit your needs in the end. 

The Passion Lingerie catalogue is diverse and you will be more than happy with the quality and value that you can find here. And as the name suggests, the company is all about creating fantastic and somewhat erotic lingerie. 

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