Five jobs for the stay at home mom

From tutoring to babysitting, there are many creative ways to earn an income from home whilst doing the most important job of all, being a mother.

The cosy life created at home when a baby joins the family can start to feel like the extent of reality during maternity leave. After familiarising yourself with the demands of motherhood  and getting into a routine that works for you – even if it’s simply finding the time to shower and have a few bites of cereal during nap time – the thought of eventually returning to work can be daunting. 

If you’re interested in prolonging your time at home with baby, but can’t risk not earning an income, working from home is the perfect compromise. It allows you to be a part of your children’s lives, although the time spent with them is not unlimited, having a flexible schedule allows more opportunities to do so.

Five jobs for the stay at home mom:

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Harness your expertise in a skill you’re passionate through tutoring. From the arts, sports and cooking to academics, there’s no reason your qualifications should go to waste. As a tutor, you can either join a tutoring company or teach kids in the community, both can be highly rewarding experiences that offer the opportunity to earn an income while at home. 


If you have a way with words or are an expert in a specific field, offer your services to a local newspaper or magazine. When freelancing the work you do is contracted by a business and can be as having a job, depending on the contract. One major bonus of freelancing is that you often get paid more per hour than employers will for the same or similar work.


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Document the journey of parenthood and share it with the rest of the world so you can help others in your position while gaining insight into your strengths and passions. Or, throw your passions into the mix, there’s plenty of topics to explore. If you draw enough of a crowd to your blog, you can earn an income through ads being featured on your page. 

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Try your hand at photography, all you need is a professional camera or smartphone (either will do in most instances). There are a range of websites that buy photographs, including Society6. The processes differ, but in this instance, it’s easy and entails uploading your images and indicating your mark up price, customers can then browse through and order. The website then prints it or turns it into anything from an phone cover to a t-shirt.

Online business

The perks of an online business is that you’re able to access your work from anywhere in the world. If you’re a stay at home mother looking for some casual income, take advantage of the online platforms available. From opening your own eBay shop where you can rid your house of unused furniture, appliances, clothes and books to an Etsy account where you can get more creative selling more crafty stock, the options are endless.

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