Royalty payments for artists remains a challenge: Maweni

SABC News Nicholsa maweni samro - Royalty payments for artists remains a challenge: Maweni

The new board chairperson of the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO), Nicholas Maweni, says royalty payments remain a challenge.

Maweni takes over from Jerry Mnisi.

He was the chief of staff at the Ministry of Arts and Culture and the Ministry of Justice.

He’s also the executive chair of BRICS Fashion and marketing director of SAP Africa.

Maweni says they still face challenges on the payment of royalties.

“I think the biggest thing at this stage that has faced us is the copyright amendment bill that was signed by Parliament, which they rushed through, and it is now sitting with the President and we hope that the President doesn’t really sign this and sends it back.”

“The biggest challenge for our members is they just have been unhappy with the instability within the organisation. Also there is this perception that we are not paying our money.”

“We are in a most challenging situation. In some cases I am able to pay a sum of the money that is due. It’s not just the national broadcaster; we have some other challenges with some of the other broadcasters as well.”


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