What your star sign says about your sexual appetite

“What’s your star sign?” is often pegged as a cheesy chat-up line, but there’s actually a lot you can learn from the zodiac when it comes to your sexual desires. 

Find out what your star sign says about you (or your partner) and discover a whole new level of passion and pleasure between the sheets.


A typical Aries is full of energy, impatient and enjoys being in control, which can make for some seriously intense heat in the bedroom. They’re big fans of spontaneous, adventurous romps (particularly outside of the bedroom), so get ready to take things up a gear if you’re dating a fiery Aries. Hot urgent passion is to be expected and indulged; keep up or get left behind.


Tauruses are sensual beings who like to enjoy the pleasures of life at their own pace – quite the opposite of the fiery Aries. The Taurus is the star sign most connected to their five senses; they are driven wild by touch, taste and smell. Their patient and sensual nature make tantric sex practices perfect for them.


Geminis are notorious for having the gift of the gab and the bedroom is no exception. They’re vocal lovers and can’t resist indulging in some dirty talk. Nothing gets them going more than a cheeky sext from their partner or a filthy phone call. They don’t take sex too seriously, they see it as a playful, pleasurable activity.


Cancers find their most passionate sexual encounters occur when they’re completely relaxed and emotionally comfortable. They have an unrivalled intuition for what makes their partner orgasm and so, naturally, they make incredible lovers! Cancers crave closeness both emotionally and physically; sex is best with a Cancer after lots of kissing and foreplay.


Leos are energetic, charismatic, charming and generous, so they’re heaps of fun in the bedroom. Leos won’t hold back from saying what they want either, which can be great for adventurous, experimental couples. They can be very expressive when they get what they want, which can be a real turn on. In being so bold, however, they can intimidate some of the more timid star signs.


Virgo is an Earth sign and their primal instincts really come out in the bedroom, making the bashful Virgo surprisingly playful.  Unlike Sagittarius, Virgos don’t like to be overly adventurous and it can take them a while to feel comfortable and relaxed with their partner. However, when they meet the right person, they will be more than happy to try new positions and experiment with their partner, especially if they believe this will lead to greater intimacy.


Libras typically have a taste for the finer things in life and are drawn to things they find visually appealing. Their hearts can be stolen by a romantic date to somewhere luxurious; a 5-star hotel or Michelin star restaurant is likely to impress. They typically enjoy more traditional positions until they feel completely comfortable with their partner, when they may consider trying something new.


Is there a more seductive star sign than Scorpio? Their hypnotic, mysterious aura turns heads without them even trying. They tend to crave control and want to be the more dominant one in a relationship, which can mean lots of fun in the bedroom. They tend to look for a soul mate rather than indulging in casual flings.


Sagittarius people will always remain young at heart, so expect them to be adventurous and playful in the bedroom. They are always up for trying something new and love it when their partner is the one to suggest something exciting.


At face value, Capricorns may appear reserved, but once they feel comfortable with someone and let their guard down, they are incredibly passionate individuals. They offer great stamina and for Capricorns, sex is about pleasure for both partners, so they will never leave their other half unsatisfied.


The ‘norm’ is not to be expected from Aquarians. In fact, their creative nature makes them a force to be reckoned with in the bedroom. As natural rule breakers, they like to explore things that break taboos; sex with an Aquarian is never going to be conventional. They’re not afraid to bring technology into the mix and try out the latest gadgets and gizmos.


Pisces are deeply spiritual by nature and are not looking for casual encounters; they want a soul mate rather than a friend with benefits. Pisces are often irresistible as their mysterious nature makes them incredibly intriguing and seductive.

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