I am sorry, but my show won’t be canned, says Zodwa Wabantu

Johannesburg – Reality TV star Zodwa Wabantu has apologised for her controversial comments she made about gay people on her Moja Love show, Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored. 

The nude dancer, whose real name is Zodwa Rebecca Libram, apologized during an interview on Jozi FM on Wednesday afternoon. 

But she insists her show won’t be canned, with Moja Love expected to release a media statement on Thursday.

Zodwa’s controversial comments about gay people, which were described as homophobic in some quarters, led to calls for the TV channel Moja Love to scrap her reality show. 

A petition was setup amid social media backlash. 

“Gay people are naughty… They are convinced that they have vaginas when they actually have a penis,” she said on her TV show.

On Wednesday, Zodwa told Jozi FM that her comments had been misconstrued, and said she was talking specifically about her gay friend.

“I am sorry (for) how it came out. This is how I talk with my friends,” she said during the radio interview. 

Moja Love is also expected to release a statement on Thursday after calls for the show to be scrapped with lobbying under the #ZodwaCancelled hashtag calling for action. 

WhatsAppImage219 7 1at19.1.35 - I am sorry, but my show won't be canned, says Zodwa Wabantu
As of 7pm on Wednesday night, 7 345 people had signed a petition calling for Moja Love to scrap Zodwa Wabantu’s reality TV show, Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored. Picture: Screenshot

But Zodwa said she beloved her show wouldn’t be scrapped. 

She affirmed that her show “will not be canceled,” and revealed she was in talks with the Moja Love team, working towards remedying the situation. 

Eugene The Musical Freak, who is a member of the LGBTI community, challenged Zodwa during the radio show, saying her apology was not enough.

He said she needed to come out in support of the vulnerable community and use her star power to change mindsets. 

“Her words are suggestive and give power to homophobes who take what celebrities say as the gospel,” said Eugene. 

“What I personally have a problem with is that now homophobes will see it as okay to stop gays and lesbians and say ‘hey stop thinking that you are gay. Stop wearing make-up,” he said. 

Eugene revealed he had been attacked, leading to his eye being deformed, because of his sexual orientation. 

He said his scars showed what reckless comments had the potential to do. 

Meanwhile, a complaint has also been laid at the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa  BCCSA.

It reads: “These comments are homophobic and transphobic therefore something has to be done. Zodwa Wabantu’s show is on a live broadcast show which means these comments went through several producers or stages before it was decided that it will be broadcast without any person picking up that these comments were homophobic therefore pose a threat to the members of the LGBT+ at large.”  


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