WATCH: Is this SA’s biggest burger?

This is no joke, this burger weighs over 19kg and can easily feed a large group of people.

The Grillfather SA in Cape Town is a burger joint with a difference and when comedian Donovan Goliath recently visited he quickly realised this.

The funny man sat down and chowed a Yoh! Burger which is already a hunger-buster weighing in at 2.8kg.

Then the owner of Grillfather SA, Shane Swiegelaar decided to go one step further and create the Goliath & Goliath Tsek Burger which he first thought would break records if it was just over 10kg.

IMG 3136 - WATCH: Is this SA’s biggest burger?
Donovan Goliath is overwhelmed by this massive burger. Picture: Nathan Adams

He sourced all the supersized ingredients (including a huge burger bun) and was able to create the burger of his dreams.

When the burger was grilled and ready to eat Donovan Goliath breathlessly exclaimed: "Where do you start eating!"

The burger is a massive undertaking and the ingredients are a big sesame roll layered with a secret sauce, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beef patty, sliced cheese, grilled pineapple ring, braised onions, boerewors all topped with a creamy mushroom sauce.

It’s a once in a lifetime burger and could easily feed more a large crowd, which is why it would be quite remarkable if Grillfather SA ever repeats this burger masterpiece or even adds it to their menu.

For now the Yoh Burger – which was the inspiration for this hunger-buster – will have to suffice.

WATCH: Is this SA’s biggest burger?

WATCH: Is this SA’s biggest burger?

- WATCH: Is this SA’s biggest burger?

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