For Durban watch designer Lunga Ntuli, his time has arrived

The Department of Trade and Investment in KwaZulu-Natal has presented Durban watch designer, Lunga Ntuli of LN Watches with an opportunity to showcase his work at African Fashion Week in London, on from August 9-10. 

Ntuli’s work was discovered at the Durban market, I heart Market. 

“My greatest dream has been to see LN Watches become a global  brand. Being a part of Africa Fashion Week London is going to make that dream a reality. I am grateful – not just for me but for the community that I come from and work in. This achievement is not just for me. It’s for all everyone that has played a part in making this brand what it is today,” says Ntuli. 

50693182LNWatch - For Durban watch designer Lunga Ntuli, his time has arrived

LN Watch. Picture: Supplied. 

His next goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships while learning more about the fashion industry.

When asked about the origins of his brand, Ntuli said: “The plan was always to create a watch brand that Africans could resonate with. Having self-published four books about love, I realised that there was a link with my writing and beads. 

"Beads have been used for many years to communicate love. The Zulu inspired ‘Love Letter’, which is beaded, became one of the first sources of inspiration for our straps. After that design, we went on to creating many designs that our clients now use to communicate and express their love, friendship and family ties.”

Africa Fashion Week London is an initiative founded in 2011 by Ronke Ademiluyi with the aim to promote and nurture African-inspired design talent. It focuses on giving African designers valuable experiences by introducing them to the global fashion industry and providing support in building sustainable businesses.

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