PICS: Concern as shack settlement mushrooms opposite plush Bluff homes

Durban – A shack settlement is beginning to increase in a greenbelt opposite plush homes on the Bluff, south of Durban. 

The settlement sprung up recently on Garcin Place and is beginning to increase rapidly with residents reporting that more squatters moved in on Wednesday while building material was being dropped off. 

Andy Rossell a concerned resident, Community Policing Forum (CPF)and Community Orientated Policing(COP) member, said the eThekwini Land Invasion Unit was dealing with it.  He said it was a political hot potato which needs to be handled correctly. 

"I could write a book on what the Bluff CPF/COP group deals with on a daily basis. It’s time for Bluff residents to become more involved in our security and surroundings. Our police station is understaffed, lack vehicles and resources," he explained. 

Rossell said the COP and Brighton Beach police had visited the site on Tuesday. 

"We have called on land invasion to supply us with their plans and a time frame to demolish this camp," he said.

Land grabs or invasions are taking place on a regular basis in most parts of the eThekwini Municipality. 

The eThekwini Municipality said on its website that it has noted the sharp increase in the number of illegal land invasions and will do everything in their power to prevent the mushrooming of new informal settlements, within the ambits of the law. 

garcinplace - PICS: Concern as shack settlement mushrooms opposite plush Bluff homes
Garcin Place on the Bluff, south of Durban where a new shack settlement has sprung up on a greenbelt of land. Picture: Google Maps

The eThekwini website stated that land is a scarce resource and the Municipality has an obligation to protect and preserve land with the purpose of utilising it to unlock future development opportunities for the growth and sustainability of the city.  

Members of the public are urged to contact the eThekwini Municipality’s Security Management Unit on 031 311 4699 or 079 821 8879 to report land invasion.

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