Ted Baker drops SS19 collection

London fashion designer, Ted Baker is growing boldly under the spell of his SS19 collection. For the ladies, Baker has created a mystic charm, blending inspiration from the enchanting blooms and entrancing shapes that have bewitched him, with a little of his signature magic.

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Ted Baker dress inspired by handpicked flowers. Picture: Supplied. 

With florals that are inspired by handpicked flowers with a dark side, this collection consists of vibrant hues of red, orange  and turquoise.  He’s also woven geometric prints throughout the season, with bright greens and  flashes of fuchsia creating ‘70s inspired patterns, romanticised with Baker’s signature  individuality.

55135316WOMENSWEARLOOKBOOK00038 - Ted Baker drops SS19 collection

Romanticising Baker’s signature with bright greens. Picture: Supplied. 

For the gents, he employs Nordic-inspired neutrals to kick off the season, contrasted with khaki  as a new neutral shade, blending it with the cultural learning and unforgettable experiences from his global voyages with his  past three decades of experience. 

55658564MENSWEARLOOKBOOK0162 - Ted Baker drops SS19 collection

Looking all cool in Ted Baker Nordic-inspired neutrals. Picture: Supplied. 

The prints are inspired by his travels across African with creativity drawn from  jungles, and finishing up in good ol’ Blighty foraging for a uniquely  British twist.

He has also updated his  trademark florals and modern geometrics with fresh pops of colour, such as azure blue and  deep fuchsia, maintaining the eclectic, vibrant spirit.

56112473MENSWEARLOOKBOOK01281 - Ted Baker drops SS19 collection

Updated florals and modern geometrics with fresh pops of colour. Picture: Supplied. 

The Ted Baker SS19 Collection will be in store from September 2019

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