6 reasons why your orgasm can get blocked

** This blog was written by guest author Melissa Luies**

We’re always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better orgasm, or a better relationship. But not being able to orgasm? 

That’s one we don’t hear about often. Imagine, as you reach the build-up to the climax and just as your toes reach over the edge – it all disappears. Like unwilling edging. Now, onto today’s topic: how to get past those frustrating orgasmic blocks.

Possibility #1: You Don’t Know What An Orgasm Feels Like

Lots of women have never had an orgasm before, and sometimes there’s a fear of the unknown that can come up. You might find yourself worrying about what having an orgasm will really be like, and that fear may end up preventing you from having one. 

Possibility #2: You’re Afraid Of Losing Control

Our society is control-obsessed. We want to be in charge of every minute detail our lives, and we can feel incredibly anxious when we’re not in the driver’s seat. Unfortunately, control is often a myth. There are so many aspects of our lives that we have absolutely no control over, and orgasm is one of those.

Possibility #3: You Don’t Feel Comfortable With Your Partner

Having an orgasm is a vulnerable experience. Sometimes our bodies can feel blocked because we don’t fully trust the people that we’re sleeping with. Even if you think you’re comfortable with that person, your body may still be picking up on some sort of energy that it doesn’t like.

Possibility #4: You’ve Had Bad Sexual Experiences

It kills me every time I have to type this, but over one in four women has experienced some sort of sexual abuse in her life. Countless more have had sexual experiences that felt difficult or uncomfortable. Our bodies hold onto that trauma, even if our minds think that we’re “over it”.

If you’ve experienced any sort of trauma, I highly recommend considering booking a consultation with a psychotherapist.

Possibility #5: You’re Distracted

One great strategy you can use during sex is to come up with a mantra to help bring yourself back into the moment. When you start getting wrapped up in thoughts about your blockage, say to yourself, “OK, I’m getting distracted again, but I want to try to focus on the pleasure instead.” 

Possibility #6: You’re Just Not Sure What The Block’s About

Sometimes it can feel really hard to know what that damn blockage is all about. If none of the above possibilities is resonating for you, try asking yourself, “what am I afraid of?” or “what’s the worst that could happen?” Your adult brain is going to kick in immediately and say, “this is so silly! There’s nothing to be afraid of!” 

Try to gently put those thoughts aside and keep asking yourself with curiosity and openness. Or try a different tactic by visualizing yourself having an orgasm and see what comes up for you. 

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