Cape dad allegedly manhandled, beaten by ‘aggressive’ soldier

Cape Town – A young Mitchells Plain father has reported a soldier for punching him in the face during a search in Tafelsig.

A video of the incident recorded by a resident has gone viral on social media.

Noor Mitchell, 28, said he was left speechless after an “aggressive” SANDF soldier hit him after they stopped his vehicle last Thursday.

“It was after 4.30pm and me and my cousin were on our way out,” explained Noor.

“It was in Stromboli Road and as I was approaching, I saw a whole commotion and I didn’t know it was the army. I thought maybe it was a fight on the corner.

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“As I turned right, I saw the army and I reversed and wanted to go the other way but the soldier came to me and said they want to search me.”

Noor said he pulled over his red Hyundai Accent but as he stopped, another soldier standing on the pavement thought he wanted to knock him down.

“I didn’t knock him and I didn’t try to knock him because I know if I should do that, I would get a bullet through my head. He has a big gun,” said Noor.

The soldier told him to get out of his car and he said while speaking, another soldaat (soldier) came out of nowhere and moered (beat) him.

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“It was a shock because I didn’t expect that. He said ‘hey voetsek’ and made me pack my stuff out (of the boot and the backseat),” said Noor.

“He rukked (wrenched) off my hat and searched me very roughly and when he was done, I got in my car and left.

“I then came back and went to ask them their details and they told me to ‘f*k*f’.”

Noor said he asked an SANDF sergeant to help him find the soldier who hit him.

“The sergeant told me it’s wrong and they’re not supposed to do that to me,” said Noor.

“He took a statement from me and told me he is going to get back to me about what action they’re going to take.

“I went to Mitchells Plain SAPS but they said if I don’t have the name of the person, I cannot open a case.

“I was supposed to meet with the station commander on Monday but he had to go to a meeting.”

SANDF spokesperson, Brigadier General Mafi Mgobozi, confirms they are aware of the incident and said: “Details surrounding this occurrence are still sketchy at the moment. However, an internal investigation was convened to determine the circumstances that led to this incident.”

According to a senior police source, soldiers are not allowed to search civilians and should only secure the perimeters when an area is cordoned off.

Noor said the vuishou has left him bruised: “I feel I was treated unfairly when they are supposed to be protecting us.”

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