Parents association ‘disappointed’ by racist graffiti text at Ladysmith school

Durban – Chairperson of the KZN Parents Association, Vee Gani, has expressed disappointment following a racial incident at a school in Ladysmith. 

Gani was reacting to a video that has since gone viral in which a youngster walks into a toilet stall at the Ladysmith High School and shows a painting on the wall that reads, “F** K BLACKS”.

Gani said after more than 20 years into democracy, such events should not be taking place. 

“It is very concerning that this is taking place in a school. Why someone would post hate speech like that, worries me. It speaks to the kind of ideology that the child is being exposed to. We need to learn to respect each other,” he said. 

Gani said the country will not grow if people are still believing that we are different based on skin colour. 

NMLadysmithSchoolracialpost - Parents association 'disappointed' by racist graffiti text at Ladysmith school
The post that has sparked an investigation at the Ladysmith High School.

The DA spokesperson on education, Dr Imraan Keeka, called for tolerance in schools. 

“While there will be an investigation launched into this matter, we do not believe that the culprit will be found because the school has no surveillance system. Of course, even if there was such a system in place, there can’t be such monitoring in a toilet. A surveillance system would however have ensured that the corridors are monitored and this would have allowed for watching who went in and out of the cloakroom around the time of the incident,” he said. 

The KZN Department of Education has called for an investigation into the incident.

“We view this incident in a serious light. Schools are not only factories of knowledge of production but are centres when we produce future leader’s upstanding members of society. Schools are also places where we seek to inculcate values of racial solidarity and social cohesion,” MEC Kwazi Mshengu said.

Mshengu said such racial characterisation and derogatory depiction of other races is an antithesis to the agenda of building a united South Africa.

Mshengu has instructed department head, Dr Enock Nzama, to work alongside the school’s governing body and school principal and provide a report on the matter within a week. 

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