National Rum Day: 3 rums you have to try

Friday, August 16 is National Rum Day. In honour of this day, we have chosen the best bottles of this rich spirit to enjoy. 

Whether you are a rum and coke drinker or you like your cane juice neat, it is time to give some of these rums a try. 

Bumbu rum

This is the world’s most decorated rum. Bumbu is crafted on the Caribbean island of Barbados, and is made from top-quality sugarcane expertly selected from eight countries throughout the West Indies. It is blended with Barbados’ naturally pure, coral-filtered water and aged in oak barrels for up to fifteen years to create a ultra-smooth spirit with a taste as complex as the brand’s rich history.  

Durbanvilledistillerydarkrum - National Rum Day: 3 rums you have to try
Durbanville distillery dark rum. Supplied

Durbanville distillery dark rum

The Durbanville distillery dark rum is twice distilled, and then meticulously aged in American oak barrels. It is rich, velvety, and gives a warm vanilla character followed with a lingering sweet oaky aftertaste on the palate. You can enjoy it on the rocks. 

Inverroche - National Rum Day: 3 rums you have to try
Old African blackstrap rum. Supplied

Old African blackstrap rum

Old African blackstrap rum is made from African blackstrap molasses and aged for seven years in casks from Kentucky, Scotland and Portugal. It is perfect for those who prefer more bitter cocktails with coffee and savoury notes rather than sweet and sugary. 

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