3 make-up removing hacks for when you’ve run out of wipes

Any woman who is serious about taking care of her skin knows the most important skincare rule: Never go to bed wearing make-up. 

Yes sometimes you get home late after a night out and you’re lazy, tired or couldn’t care less about removing your make-up but that’s no excuse NOT to. 

Not removing your make-up leads to breakouts due to clogged pores. Clogged pores don’t allow your skin to breathe and rejuvenate.

Removing stubborn make-up like waterproof mascara, matt lipsticks and even layers of concealer and foundation that has been set by powders and setting sprays can be a tedious task. 

Fortunately, we now have make-up wipes to ease this process. 

But what happens when you’ve reached the bottom of your last pack, it’s a few days from payday and you don’t have the luxury of buying more? Let’s face it, they can be a bit pricey. 

adult brown eyes brunette 1475426 - 3 make-up removing hacks for when you've run out of wipes
Eye make-up can tough to remove. Picture: Pexels

Here are a few face-saving tips to remove stubborn make-up when you’ve run out of wipes.

Waterproof eye makeup

Using an oiled based product like coconut or olive oil, saturate a cotton wool pad or ball and hold it over the eye area for a few seconds. This helps to dissolve the makeup. The gently wipe away the makeup. Repeat the process if needed. 

Stay fast or stubborn matte lipsticks

After applying a generous amount of petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) over your lipstick, leave it to sit on your lips for a few minutes while you’re removing make-up from other areas of your face. Use a warm damp cloth to remove the petroleum jelly which will remove the lipstick at the same time. 

Foundation and concealer

Once again, coconut oil is your best friend. We all know that coconut oil is great for just about anything. Apply a good amount of oil over your skin and allow the oil to breakdown the products. Leave it on your skin for an about a minute then gently remove the oil using soft cotton swabs. This should remove most of the make-up in the process. 

Having removed your make-up you HAVE to cleanse your face regardless of how much make-up you manage to remove. 

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