MP condemns killing of women for alleged witchcraft

SABC News Zoleka Capa - MP condemns killing of women for alleged witchcraft

Member of Parliament Zoleka Capa has condemned the killing of women over allegations of witchcraft. Capa was at Ndzondeni village near Flagstaff in the Eastern Cape where two women were attacked for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

It’s alleged the two women were performing a ritual at a grave and were forced to eat raw meat which they brought to the grave to perform a ritual. One died, while another was rushed to hospital in a serious condition.

Capa held a meeting with Ndzondeni residents. She says witchcraft is only in the minds of people.

“This thing is in the mind of people and even those who do not believe in witchcraft, they use it in order actually to target their would-be enemies. Secondly, it always involves a family feud. It’s always a person known to you using this witchcraft issue in order to mobilise people against you and they kill you, they burn your house and the rest of the family lives with a stigma forever.”

However, villagers deny ever assaulting the women. A member of the family on whose graves the ritual was allegedly performed, Lulama Mkhize, says that they did not beat anyone and the deceased was killed by the traditional medicine and raw meat the women were forced to ingest.

“We did not beat anyone, but whenever someone blows the whistle here, the whole community comes out. What I think killed the deceased is that the community forced them to eat the traditional medicine and the dead rat they brought to the graves. Even my aunt was forced to eat the raw chicken. The good thing is that all of them say they came to perform a ritual in the graves. So in isiXhosa, we would say they came to practice witchcraft in the family graves.”


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