How to navigate the Comic Con Africa 2019 app

Who’s excited for Comic Con Africa 2019? 

This year’s visitors are preparing their outfits and itineraries for the biggest and most interactive four-day pop culture festival to hit Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

Comic Con Africa 2019 offers an incredible programme that’s bigger and better than before, thrilling pop-culture fandoms and newcomers alike. 

With an estimated 60 000 visitors and 160 hours of content across five halls – including panels, competitions, seminars, workshops and so much more – get ready to drop in and geek out.

This year, expect almost 300 exhibitors offering specials on everything from gaming hardware and accessories to apparel, pop-culture merchandise, comics, figurines and much more. Spend the long weekend stocking up on sought-after collectables and new releases.

We know the whole “there’s an app for that” joke died about a decade ago, but we have to dig it up again for the upcoming Comic Con Africa 2019 which has a dedicated piece of software you can install on your smartphone.

The app, which is simply called “Comic Con Africa” is available right now for Android and iOS. 

We’ve downloaded it and had a go to see if it’s worth the space on your phone.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Firstly, and unfortunately, you can’t do anything without signing up and signing in. 

cca 21 - How to navigate the Comic Con Africa 2019 app
2018 Cosplay competition winner. Picture: Supplied

We really don’t understand why this is necessary if all you want is to get information about the event. It’s especially irritating if you’re already at Comic Con Africa and you’re trying to set this up on data in the middle of the convention.

Once that’s done and you’re in the app there’s a lot to do. The app basically compresses the Comic Con Africa site into a mobile form factor and adds some features on top of it.

Being able to pull up the floor plan for the convention, or quickly look up a new event to attend when you’re bored is great. The ability to plan a schedule is a great touch too if you want to make the most of your time there.

cca 35 - How to navigate the Comic Con Africa 2019 app
2018 Cosplay competition winner. Picture: Supplied

The app does have its foibles, however. Looking at the guests and speakers listings, for example, and you can view their social media presences, but you can’t open them in the dedicated app already installed on your phone.

As a source of information its also up to the Comic Con Africa organisers and the app developers to keep it up to date. We’ve seen problems like this in the past when William Shatner announced he would be attending before any official word of it was made.

cca 34 - How to navigate the Comic Con Africa 2019 app
2018 Cosplay competition winner. Picture: Supplied

All of that being said the app is free and we suggest downloading it and giving it a look if you’re planning on attending. Just keep your ear to the ground and don’t treat it as the only source of information for the weekend.

Comic Con Africa 2019 will be take place at the Gallagher Convention Centre from September 21 – 24.


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