A year to forget for Conrad Seabi

CAPE TOWN – To say that Conrad Seabi will want to forget 2019 is an understatement.

His last three scheduled fights have all been dipped in controversy, be it from his corner or his opponent’s.

Starting in December 2018, Conrad was set to face Luke Michael at EFC76 before Luke pulled out after suffering a horrific knee injury.

On the second occasion, the two were set to face off in Cape Town for their part in the Welterweight Grand Prix series which included Themba Gorimbo and Jose da Rocha.

That fight was then postponed due to Conrad injuring himself during a weight cut ahead of EFC78.

At EFC80, the Extreme Fighting Organisation was forced to call off Luke and Conrad’s fight with just a few hours before the hexagon opened its gate.

This time, it was Luke’s health that was the risk factor, as EFC officials received brain scans that ruled him unfit to compete.

Fast-forward to EFC82, just five days away, and Conrad will miss his welterweight number one contender fight with Papanga Tresor that was scheduled for the same night as Luke Michael taking on Themba Gorimbo for the welterweight Championship.

Conrad revealed to Independent Media a doctor’s certificate, which ruled him out with an avulsion fracture.

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Conrad’s doctor was unavailable at the time of this story going online, however, Conrad did confirm that his specialist had ruled him out of action for the next three weeks after he fell on his hand.

“I know it was fight week, I didn’t even go any hard, but I fell on my hand, and injuries happen you know, and it hurts me so bad,” said an emotional Conrad.

In layman’s terms: An avulsion fracture occurs when a tendon or ligament that is attached to the bone pulls a piece of the fractured bone off. Avulsion fractures can happen anywhere in the body but are most common in the ankle, hip, finger and foot. They are more common in children than adults, but often affect adults who play sports.

“The last fight, the same thing happened, almost similar, and people are busy talking sh*t, we are trying to show these devils what we are made of and what we can do,” Conrad said.

“But you know, everything happens for a reason, and everything is in God’s plan, I won’t pull out for anyone, I don’t remember ever pulling out for no reason.

“The title shot is gone, they give it to Luke Michael, because of this and that, now it’s this one, number one title contender, so, eish, I don’t know what to say, but it’s life, there are some things you can’t do anything about, you just have to accept, everything happens for a reason, but I will be back in three weeks, I really want to fight, and mark my words, I will be back in three weeks, I will never give up, never.- A year to forget for Conrad Seabi

“Ill give up when I’m in my grave, no matter what people say.”

EFC82 will take place this weekend at Carnival City. An opponent is yet to be found for Tresor.

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