WATCH: TaskApp is a new on-demand multi-service provider app

DURBAN – TaskApp is an on-demand multi-service provider app in South Africa, which connects users to a variety of service providers near them.

The app is a platform that offers service such as pet tasks, male grooming and on-demand ordering of goods from store categories like hardware, restaurants, gifting and pharmacies. Through the platform, people can also offer services like painting, plumbing, electricians. 

For the home and other services, the service provider will set his price per unit measure. Once the job has been completed the user can then rate the provider and vice versa. 

TaskApp is offering taxi rides that will pick up and drop off people at their desired destinations. Users of the app can request for a cab to immediately pick them up from their location and transport them to their requested location. Like ride-hailing apps Uber and Taxify, this new app has included safety features in the app. 

Users can also use the package pick up and drop off service to have items be picked up from point A and be delivered to point B. The person that is receiving the package will get a security pin via SMS which they have to give to the driver. This will ensure that packages are safely delivered.

Here is how TaskApp works:


Register on the app by providing your email address, phone number or social media platform like Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Choose Service 

TaskApp offers many services including taxi, pick and drop, home tasks and many more to choose from.

One Click Hire 

Hire a service provider with just a tap on TaskApp.

Job Done 

Track and enjoy the service and make your payment online

The app is available on both iOS and Android. 

Screenshot 219925 16618 - WATCH: TaskApp is a new on-demand multi-service provider app
A screengrab of the TaskApp app. Photo: Screengrab


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