Cricket South Africa may not advertise job of Director of Cricket

JOHANNESBURG – Cricket South Africa’s chief executive Thabang Moroe said the organisation may not advertise the vital Director of Cricket post in order to save the organisation time ahead of a busy season for the Proteas. 

The Director of Cricket is widely viewed as the most important role in Cricket SA’s new structure that was established around the national in the wake of the disastrous 2019 Cricket World Cup campaign. The person would be responsible for overseeing the style of play South Africa wishes to employ and ensure that all development and provincial programs feed into a system that ensures that style is properly implemented. 

The role is currently being filled on an interim basis by Corrie van Zyl who is with the national team in India. Moroe said Cricket SA was giving itself until the end of October to fill the position on a permanent basis. Thus far, the Convenor of Selectors is the only position that has been publicly advertised. 

However that may not happen with the Director of Cricket job.

“There is a school of thought that we may need to look at a different way to recruit,” said Moroe. “If we advertise we do that for a month, then we give ourselves two weeks to go through CVs to make sure we have the right people, and then there must be interviews and for such a high positioned job, you need to rope in some directors – given their HR experience – and that will then depend on their availability and then you’re looking at two or even three months before a Director of Cricket is employed. And that eats into the England tour.”

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The role of Director of Cricket is currently being filled on an interim basis by Corrie van Zyl. Photo: Christiaan Kotze/BackpagePix

England arrive in the country in December for a two comprising four Tests, three One-Day Internationals and three T20 Internationals.

Moroe wasn’t clear who would be involved in recruitment and it was not clear either how much say Cricket SA’s Board of Directors would have over such a crucial appointment. 

“We could essentially end up just calling in four or five people and then making a decision.  We want to make sure this process is speedy. We want the Director of Cricket in place way ahead of England’s arrival so that that person can decide if they want to work with Enoch (Nkwe), or how long they want to do so before bringing in their own team,” Moroe added.

Nkwe is currently the Proteas’ interim Team Director, an amalgamation of the head coaching role and team manager role that was also created after the World Cup. It will be one of the Director of Cricket’s jobs to appoint some in that position permanently. 



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