Eight shops destroyed in Eastern Cape blaze

Port Elizabeth – A total of eight shops, including a Spar Supermarket, were gutted after a massive fire broke out in the commercial area of Peddie CBD in the Eastern Cape on Tuesday morning.

Police spokesperson Khaya Tonjeni said Peddie Vispol members were conducting patrols in the town when they noticed smoke from Alex, which he says is a foreigner-owned shop adjacent to Peddie Spar supermarket.

Tonjeni said the fire spread rapidly and affected eight shops in a short amount of time. "Amathole District dispatched Komga fire fighters to the scene who tried to extinguish the fire".

He said a total of eight buildings were damaged by the fire. The fire damaged "a supermarket, saloon and six foreign-owned shops of which three of them were hardware shops".

WhatsAppImage219 1 1at14.55.2 - Eight shops destroyed in Eastern Cape blaze
Picture: Supplied

WhatsAppImage219 1 1at14.55.211 - Eight shops destroyed in Eastern Cape blaze
Picture: Supplied

Tonjeni said the cause of the fire is still unknown.

"Emergency, firefighters and all role-players are still at the scene.  Damage by the fire is unknown and yet to be determined." 

Tonjeni said the investigation will guide the police on what the next steps should be regarding this incident. 


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