House of FabroSanz drops Nguni Print collection

Sandi Mazibuko, founder of House of FabroSanz has officially launched her second collection, Nguni Print which was inspired by the Zulu culture. 

Mazibuko launched her debut collection at Paris Fashion Week which became a favourite with the international and local market.
With this new collection, she was inspired by the handmade Zulu beadwork, a craft practiced by the women of this specific Nguni tribe, usually older sisters who pass down the tradition to their younger sisters. 
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A model wears an outfit from the Nguni Print collection. Picture: Supplied

"The print is enveloped by different shapes in bright colours which all have cultural meaning. It is important to note that the print is ultimately inspired by all of Nguni culture which has a thread of common colours and shapes interpreted in different manners.
"Although the Zulu tribe has expressed their creative interpretation of these symbols through beadwork, the Ndebele tribe has used mural paintings on houses as their interpretation," said Mazibuko.
Venturing into textile design has been a bittersweet experience for Mazibuko. She was also exposed to a vicious part of the fashion industry when her print was counterfeited.
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This Nguni Print collection also draws inspiration from the Ndebele culture. Picture:Supplied

"The world is excited about bright, bold, African prints.  The second print has the Fabrosanz signature logo on all the materials with the new shapes added and the colours rearranged . It was important to keep the colors the same as I later realised that they actually symbolized the South Africa flag.
"The connected triangles at the front of the new print were intentional. It was important to highlight the core of the Nguni Print mission. Culture unites us all," she added. 
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The Nguni Print collection includes South African flag colours. Picture: Supplied

The Nguni print collection is available for purchase on 

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