I robbed my own post office of R100 000, says manager

Cape Town – A Post Office manager has appeared in the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court for allegedly staging a robbery and stealing R100 000 in cash from the state-owned facility.

Anele Bango, 32, was charged with perjury after it was discovered that he made up lies to cover his tracks.

The incident happened during a spate of armed robberies at Post Offices in Cape Town earlier this year.

He was arrested by Grassy Park cops last Thursday after he made admissions to a private investigator and was caught on camera going to the Grassy Park Post Office after hours to steal the money.

Acting station commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Christopher Esau, said in his original statement given to police on 14 March, Bango told officers that two coloured males entered the post office, held him up at gunpoint and took him to the safe.

He claimed they hit him over the head and took R100 000 and ran away.

Esau said during the investigation, Detective Sergeant Hakeem Williams questioned two of Bango’s co-workers and a group of homeless people who sleep outside near the Post Office.

“They all said they only saw him go inside the Post Office on the day,” said Esau.

113774999 - I robbed my own post office of R100 000, says manager
Grassy Park Post Office. Picture: Monique Duval

“They reported that there were two black men outside the Post Office, but they did not go inside. This is how he became a suspect. The Post Office brought in a private investigator and he admitted that he had stolen the money and faked the robbery. At the same time, several Post Offices across Cape Town were being hit.”

Esau said after appearing in court on Monday, Bango was granted bail and the case was postponed to 30 October.

“He told the investigator he was sorry for stealing the money and that he had a gambling problem. He later resigned from the Post Office. He was caught on camera going to the Post Office after hours. At this stage he is facing perjury charges as the Post Office needs to open a theft case.”

Post Office spokesperson, Martie Gilchrist, said the manager was dismissed after an internal investigation uncovered incriminating evidence.

“The Post Office, in line with its policy, lay charges with the SA Police.”

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