Top 2019 SA businesses to be announced at breakfast and you are invited

JOHANNESBURG   – In a world of social media and online customer review sites, reputation management is more difficult than ever. 

The convenience of the digital age has given a voice to more customers, evident from the daily comments left on webpages such as Hello Peter and Trip Advisor. Managing business reputation is crucial as many customers rely on reviews from their peers before making a purchase.

Plus 94 Research has partnered with Independent Media to produce the 2019 Top Companies South Africa (TCSA), an annual reputation index study that delves into the key drivers of brand recognition and reputation. With data going back to 2001, the TCSA provides a holistic reputation index of South Africa’s Top 200 Companies. The 2019 study will show that South African customers have become more critical of the brands that they support.

It is vital that businesses undergo regular brand audits to successfully develop reputation improvement strategies as well as tactics for customer retention and loyalty. The insights provided by TCSA can enable businesses to successfully benchmark their reputation against their key competitors.

“What makes TCSA unique is its extensive list of reputational pillars used to assess each company. However, TCSA goes beyond providing a ranking of the top companies and provides actionable insights into what drives reputation,” says Sifiso Falala, Chief Executive Officer of Plus 94 Research.

Plus 94 Research used quantitative research methodologies to conduct the survey. Further open-ended questions were included to explore insights that are not easily quantified. The research was conducted face-to-face with the respondents using Tablet- Assisted Personal Interviewing (TAPI).

As a general public survey, it was vital that the businesses chosen for consideration were easily recognisable by the respondents. The 2019 instalment of the survey analysed 201 top companies. The survey utilised eight crucial reputation pillars for its assessment. The pillars were weighted according to their potential impact on reputation to provide each company with a score out of 100.

“Understanding a business’s reputation enables it to remain competitive in a tough economic climate. 

A favourable business reputation is imperative in an emerging economy, with its pressing needs to create more jobs, as well as grow and transform the economy,” says Mike Ntsasa, Group Executive: Business & Public Sector at Independent Media.

When stakeholder confidence in a business is low, public scrutiny of that business increase. To delve into the nitty gritty of the TCSA and find out more about its importance and the methodology implemented, join us for a special breakfast at the Crowne Plaza, Rosebank on the 10th of October at 7:30 to 9:30am. 

The winners will be announced at a glittering event at the Crowne Plaza, Rosebank date to be confirmed.

The breakfast is free and open  to members of the public. RSVP by sending an email to

unnamed - Top 2019 SA businesses to be announced at breakfast and you are invited


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