8 killed in horror crash on N11

Eight people, including two children, have died in a horrific head-on crash along the N11, a few metres from the Modelkloof turn-off, Ladysmith. 

The crash was reported in the late hours of Saturday evening.

The N11 was closed at 10.30pm, at the time of the crash. It was reopened open after police, public safety officers, the Fire Department, including the Pietermartitzburg Collision unit worked around the clock to clear the scene. 

The impact of the crash, caused one of motor-vehicles to burst into flames. 

eightkilled2 - 8 killed in horror crash on N11
Picture: Claudine Senekal, Ladysmith Herald

Huge clouds of lack smoke and metres-high flames could be seen. 

Bystanders and motorists could not assist those entrapped and at the time it could not be verified how many occupants were in each of the vehicles. 

The cause of the crash is unknown. 

* This is a developing story.

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